We come up with new ideas in a variety of ways:

1.   Industry conferences – to learn the best practices from other coaches. New offerings. Ideas from the International Coach Federation. New technology to help deliver services in new ways

2.   Mastermind groups – early on I participated monthly in a group I helped to form. We were local, non-competing businesses. It served as a sort of Board of Directors, where we could present our business and our challenges, and get solutions/ideas.

3.   Blogs/internet newsletters – I subscribe to several and whenever I skim them, I often find a link to an article I “clip” to read later. These become ideas for my business, for those I coach, and/or to feature in my own monthly newsletter.

4.   I completed my MBA at University of Chicago Booth. They have a wealth of riches available to alumni. Monthly special interest groups in a variety of functional areas. Tons of virtual events. All rich with ideas

5.   Living near Chicago, there are SO many wonderful professional organizations and networking events. Get out there and take advantage of them!

6.   My Affiliate Coaches – they contract to me and to other coaching firms. They bring best practices in each direction – – some to me and some from me to their other professional relationships.

These are just a few thoughts. What have you done to expand and generate new ideas?