Our Clients

Here’s what some of our clients have told us about the benefits of coaching:

Elene brings her vast corporate experience, superlative credentials, and uncanny intuition to her coaching. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I have ever made! She has helped me get focused and get great results, and it was never at the expense of the bigger picture. I wholeheartedly recommend Elene as an executive and personal coach. — Michelle Eppley, Speech Pathologist, Voice Specialist, Loyola University Medical Center


You are an absolute masterful coach! Through my work with you, my visions for how I wanted the future to look were realized in the form of actual tangible results…all with a splash of humor and a friendly, collegial feeling. Every moment working with you was a real pleasure and a fantastic learning experience. Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me…on behalf of my endeavors! — Gratefully, Dr. Kyle Bonesteel Director & President, NeuroHealth

I started my coaching with a fairly limited scope but ended with a very wide view on most of the important choices in my life and a method on how to take action before, during and after I make a choice. Coaching helped me put my choices in perspective and make them clear to me. The use of simple concepts or metaphors helped clarify some of the issues I was struggling with. Whenever I am struggling again, I use these and they help me get on track. — Stephane P.

It was amazing to feel the break-throughs from applying what I was discovering in our coaching sessions. I’m looking forward to reporting back to you my accomplishments in the next 3 months.  — Cheryl P.

Working with you continues to be the best business decision I have ever made! I can really see how my business has developed. You are flexible and will discuss the most important issues at every session, but also keep me accountable. You’ve also helped me grow personally. Through all of the ups and downs, you have been a tremendous support. Thank you! — Michelle E.

I like it when you ask the tough questions and push me to say/do things that might not be comfortable. — Jodi M.

What was most valuable was the ability of the coach to guide the conversation in such a way that important bits of information were identified as such and were then organized. It put order to my thoughts, and in a hurry. — Jennifer C.

Organizations That Have Benefited From Our Coaching

We’ve coached within some of the best run firms in the world.  An Enerpace coach brings you those best practices and key learnings, serving as an Executive Mentor when needed,  suggesting other possible options to explore.

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