There are about 5 or 6 core competencies in most EI models, all of which have sub-competencies or skills beneath them.  The way to develop your EI then varies based on what element you want to work on.

Broadly, I define EI as the ability to be aware of, and manage, your emotions and the emotions of others, to achieve your desired outcome.

So a simple exercise I give to my clients is to ask them to get out of their own heads and put themselves in the shoes of the other people in the room.  Preferably, in advance of the meeting so you can be prepared.  We can always make some educated assumptions about who will be in the room and what they’re likely to care about.

Self-reflection after the meeting is also helpful.  Listen to the messages of your body – your breathing, muscle tension, etc.  What’s the message there?  Our bodies contain much wisdom.