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Facing a complex, rapidly changing environment? You need agile leaders who can adapt quickly, even in times of volatility and uncertainty. Leaders people want to work with and work for.

That’s what we do – we create agile leaders, who create agile teams and companies. We get it – we’re business people too. We don’t force you into a cookie cutter program. Instead, we co-create it with you, to insure that EVERY engagement we accept has a positive ROI.

corporate coachingAre your leaders trying to get results in a world that seems to move faster and change more each day? Enerpace coaches have been there! That’s why we created our proprietary 7-step agile leadership development process- “A.G.I.L.I.T.Y.” We’ll help your folks become agile leaders – confidently prepared to respond to whatever comes next.

Assess – The current state
Goals – Aligned with the firm’s priorities, the manager’s expectations, and the coachee’s values
Individualized – Customized, one-to-one sessions
Lead In new ways
Insight – followed by execution and reflection, generating new insights and actions/execute/reflect
Talent – Leadership development
Yield – Results with a positive ROI

Assess – We start by using a customized set of tools and methods to assess the current state for each leader/client. We don’t recreate the wheel – we use whatever information already exists and supplement based on the unique goals and leadership development opportunities for each client.  The end result?  A vision for where each leader wants to be at the conclusion of the coaching engagement.

Goals – We make sure that coaching goals are agreed upon by all parties – the leader, the manager and HR partner.   Each corporate coaching engagement includes at least 2 “Alignment Sessions” between the leader, their manager and their coach to establish metrics for success and prioritize our efforts.

Individualized – Every coaching plan is customized to the goals of the client and the firm.  We align coaching goals with the leader’s values to ensure that they are inherently engaging and motivating.  We explore possibilities and work together with each leader to make the most effective choices.

Lead – In a “VUCA” world, one filled with volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity, it’s important to be agile and able to adjust to whatever comes next.  We’ll share the Leadership Agility ™ model and other tools to help your leaders lead in a new way.

Insight – Enerpace coaches share best practices and things that have worked with other clients and industries.  We act as “Executive Mentors” and confidential sounding boards.  Most importantly, coaching provides leaders with the opportunity to put insights into action, reflect on key learnings, and derive additional insights to keep raising the bar moving forward.

Talent – Unlike consultants, Enerpace coaches stay with each leader as they execute their coaching action plan.  As challenges arrive and priorities shift, we’re there with suggestions, tools and best practices to help.  Our clients recognize that coaching key talent actually creates positive ripple effects throughout the firm.  What leaders learn in coaching, they use to develop their team too!

Yield – Coaching requires an investment of time, mindshare and money.  We get it.  We’re business people too.  That’s why we make sure that EVERY coaching engagement we accept yields a positive ROI while achieving your desired results.  Enerpace will work with you to quantify success metrics for your coaching engagements that are meaningful to you.

Executive Onboarding
executive onboardingEnerpace’s Executive Onboarding Coaching Program helps new leaders get a running start.  By strategically establishing key relationships, priorities and plans, the new executive creates early visible successes.

Ideally, Onboarding Coaching begins with a half-day strategy session, even before the leader has assumed their new duties.  Enerpace coaches have the experience to serve as thought partners and executive mentors.  We help the new leader develop key messaging to communicate their brand and vision, assess key stakeholder relationships, jumpstart the partnership with their team and identify cultural nuances unique to their new organization.

Best in class companies identify and proactively manage their new executives’ potential obstacles to success.  Enerpace’s strategic onboarding programs increase new leader effectiveness, satisfaction and retention – – all of which protect the return on the firm’s significant recruiting investment.

Most importantly, it creates, and keeps agile leaders that people quickly want to work with, and work for!

Why’s it critical?
Research has shown that:

  • 50% of newly hired executives will quit or be fired within the first 3 years
  • 40% of new hires fail within the first 18 months
  • 25% of managers in large organizations transition to a new role annually
  • The cost to replace a newly recruited employee = 1.5 to 40 times their base salary

(Source:  AON Consulting)

Transitioning into a new role is a process of steps and stages that apply to employees at every level.  Executive Onboarding is a tool with which to expedite that process to the benefit of both the new hire and their new organization.  As an added benefit, the newly hired leader takes away the steps and skills necessary to help their future new hires through the process too.

Why do so many newly-hired leaders fail?

  • Key stakeholders not identified in timely manner
  • No structure to ensure that the Hiring Manager is fully and consistently engaged
  • Feedback and coaching not provided in a timely manner
  • Short term focus without creating a long-term vision
  • Lack of resources to navigate through the new organization
  • Lack of communication and alignment with their new team
  • Cultural conflicts/poor cultural fit
  • Pressure to perform early on because objectives and timeframes out of sync
  • Colleague resentment
  • Failure to learn the unwritten rules
  • Dropping the ball on short term deliverables
  • Misaligned performance expectations
  • Undeveloped internal networks
  • Unwillingness to learn from past performance

What’s the Impact?

  • The new executive delivers business results more quickly, with the agility to adapt to various priorities and personalities
  • The new leader is rapidly aligned with and integrated into the new culture
  • A network for ongoing success is designed intentionally and as a high priority
  • Personnel challenges are identified and addressed more accurately, fairly and quickly
  • Emotional intelligence work and effective communication strategies aid relationships and boost team morale
  • Groundwork established enabling ongoing business growth
  • The new executive is able to replicate and leverage the onboarding process with new hires on their team
  • Check-ins throughout the process provide timely feedback and allow for course corrections much sooner than would otherwise be possible
  • Existing company support augmented and enhanced
  • Agile leaders are created, those that people want to work with, and work for!

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The Missing Piece Leadership Program

Do you face these common challenges?

  • Lots of leaders needing development with a budget insufficient for numerous one-on-one Leadership Coaching engagements?
  • A need to retain & engage key employees in your talent pipeline?
  • Facing uncertainty, complexity and a rapidly increasing pace of change?

Enerpace’s  solution allows you to:

  • Bridge the needed competency gap in HALF the time and HALF the cost
  • Increase leaders’ ability to flexibly lead through change, complexity and uncertainty
  • Support the internal development necessary for sustained behavioral change
  • Increases the overall agility and competitive performance of the firm

How does it work?

  • Intense “boot camp” style 6-month program delivering all the benefits of a year-long leadership development plan
  • Provides all the tools necessary to quickly identify & address the missing piece(s)
  • Combines the individualized benefits of 1X1 coaching with the cost efficiency & best practices sharing of group processing:
    • Individual 1X1 Coaching – with a customized development plan
    • Group Coaching – for best practices sharing on applying the Leadership Agility™ framework
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Online Portal Available 24X7 for Access to Resources, Community Forum and Webinar Recordings
    • Leadership Agility 360° Feedback Instrument designed for leaders facing rapid change, uncertainty and complexity

Fill In Your Leaders’ Missing Pieces!

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