Tips and Resources for Women in Developing Leadership

What I’ve seen work during my 14+ years as a corporate executive, and now 13+ years as an Executive Coach, are the following techniques:

 Make sure you have a successor.  If you don’t, you’ll […]

Emotional Intelligence

There are about 5 or 6 core competencies in most EI models, all of which have sub-competencies or skills beneath them.  The way to develop your EI then varies based on what element you […]

What Makes a Great Boss/Manager

The great bosses give their folks a say in HOW they accomplish a task.  It’s the job of leadership to set the vision and strategic direction.  Managers break it down into the key goals […]

Tips on How to Communicate Better at Work

Folks make up a lot of “rules” about communication.  Things like “I can’t ask this” or “they should know what I mean”.  In actuality, there’s great power in stating what’s going on.

Miscommunication is a […]

Types of Toxic Co-Workers You Need to Steer Clear Of

Here are some toxic coworkers to avoid as much as possible:

Those who make it all about them:  their accomplishments, what they need for their project, their deadlines, what they want to say, etc.

Difficult Conversations at Work

My clients bring a wide variety of difficult conversations to their coaching sessions.  Here are a few of the most common:

Overlooked for a promotion:  There’s no way around it – you need to […]

Signs You Work in a Toxic Workplace and How to Deal

I’m a veteran of TWO toxic workplaces – first in banking, then in telecom.  Now I coach leaders daily who are still neck deep in the muck!

Some common toxicities & tips:

Favoritism:  Favoritism is […]

The Effects of Group Think in the Workplace (and How to Combat Them)

From a leadership perspective, the only good thing about group think is that it creates apparent harmony in the workplace since the group all agrees on whatever it is they’re thinking.  But study after […]

Habits of Highly Influential People

Highly influential people generally have the following characteristics:

Character – they lead by example
Expertise – they know their stuff and are great at what they do
Connector – they value relationships and are […]

What is Leadership Agility?

Leadership is setting the vision and direction, while motivating and fully utilizing all resources at your disposal to make that vision a reality. The most important leadership skill to have is the ability to […]