Sometimes the coaching experience can be enhanced by incorporating special resources that promote self-discovery and awareness. Enerpace Coaches are certified in the most effective industry tools, so we can recommend the right instrument for each situation.

Have a tool in-house that your firm prefers? We’re happy to use it. Need something developed for a specific situation or audience? Enerpace will partner with you to develop an instrument tailored to your company’s leadership competencies and performance objectives.

Enerpace doesn’t favor any specific assessment or automatically recommend one be used in every coaching engagement. We’re Executive Coaches, not test merchants. Here are some of the most effective instruments we commonly use:

Communication & Behavioral Style Profile – DiSC ®
Not everyone perceives the world and responds as we do. To effectively communicate, influence, sell and lead, we need to be aware of our personal style, be able to read the styles of others, and modify our style accordingly. Team options are available.
Emotional Intelligence Inventory – BarOn EQ-i ®
Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be the #1 predictor of leadership success, since leaders need to get results with and through people. Luckily, Emotional Intelligence can be learned and the skills enhanced, unlike IQ which is static. Team options are available.
360 ° Feedback – Quantitative or Qualitative – Multiple Options
Many of the options on this page have the ability to also collect 360° feedback from key stakeholders, in the framework of the instrument. DiSC, EQ-I and the LA 360° all offer this option.Qualitative interview-based feedback provides the opportunity to probe for additional pertinent information and provide spot coaching for the feedback provider. The output is a robust, customized report highlighting key themes supplemented with a selection of constructive stakeholder verbatim comments.Enerpace has created custom quantitative/qualitative feedback surveys for organizations based on their own leadership competencies, company values and performance management metrics. Team options are available.


Leadership Agility – Leadership Agility 360°™
Leaders today are required to get results in a world filled with volatility, ambiguity and a rapidly increasing pace of change and globalization. The LA 360° is specifically designed for environments of rapid change and great uncertainty. Team options are available.
Personality Inventory – Hogan (HPI) Series
Hogan’s assessment solutions help businesses reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent and evaluating leadership potential.
Psychological Type – M.B.T.I. Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Understanding your type preference helps you approach your work and coworkers in a way most suited to their style. Problem solving, decision making, stress management, team participation and response to stress and change all vary based on type. Team options are available.

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